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Hi. I am a volunteer worker for Austin pets alive! && I would like to introduce you to the “lonely hearts club” at our downtown facility. These beauties have been with us for far too long && they would love to be apart of you’re family! As you can see, they are mostly pitbulls but they are sweet angels && just like rest of our dogs, they need love && care. They only difference is they’ve been with us for 6 months to a year && this simply can not do.

Please, if you’re in the Austin area, open up your hearts && home to a loving dog. If you’re considering adoption, message me for location details.

Thank you from me && the lonely hearts club.

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MAN RENTS BILLBOARD TO FIND STOLEN DOG - “This billboard cost me $1,950 for five days. I don’t care about the money. What I care about is Boomer…”

For the past five months, a man named Eddie Williams has been conducting a desperate search for his dog Boomer, a Poodle. Boomer went missing from the car while Williams was at a gas station. Recently, Williams rented a mobile billboard with Boomer’s photo prominently displayed on the side. Although Williams has spent thousands of dollars on the search, it appears money is secondary to Boomer’s safe return. Read more from Fox 59 News:

Boomer has been missing for five months. Williams said someone stole his dog out of his car when he went to pay for gas inside a station at the corner of Sherman Drive and 25th Street on Indianapolis’ east side. For the past five months, Williams has felt a void in his life without his dog.

“He’s not a dog to me he’s a little human. My little human, and he’s my travelling companion,” said Williams. “I drive semis for a living he was everywhere I went.”

He even hired a private investigator to search for the dog, but when that didn’t work, he decided to rent the mobile billboard for even more exposure. He used a bold yellow background and red writing to highlight the $1,500 reward he’s offering. The billboard is already creating buzz.

Please share, especially if you are in the Indianapolis area. Hopefully Boomer turns up and is reunited with his dedicated owner soon. Bring Boomer Home! Click here for the full story and a news video. 

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My Advice for Living an Awesome Life by Captain Paul Watson


I received a message from someone asking me for some advice on how to live and have a happy adventurous life. I’m not sure that my advice is for everyone but here it is.

I have been fortunate, to have lived a happy and adventurous life. At first it was not easy. We were very poor. My father was abusive. My mother died young leaving six young children to find their way on their own. And they all did, in their separate ways.

For myself I left home at 15 and went to sea at 17 leaving my obstacles behind and focusing on enjoying this wondrous phenomenon called life. I have lived a happy life without anger, fear, stress or regret doing the things that I dreamt of doing when I was younger, learning many new things and confronting challenging obstacles, all of which made my life more interesting.

1. Unleash your passion.
2. Fear Nothing.
3. Explore everything.
4. Give free reign to your imagination.
5. If you have something to say – say it.
6. Never Stress. Never worry. It frees your mind to find solutions.
7. Follow your dreams. Don’t let others destroy your dreams.
8. Regret nothing.
9. Accept the situations you find yourself in and deal with it.
10. Write Poetry. (Or at least try) Perfect for maintaining your center.
11. Read everything about everything.
12. Don’t let anyone dictate your destiny.
13. Suicide - permanent solution to a temporary problem. There’s no future in it.
14. Live each day like it’s your last.
15. Take control of your dreams. Live in them and live outside of them.
16. Make love a priority in your life.
17. Travel as a traveller, not as a tourist.
18. Embrace confrontation, challenges and obstacles as adventures.
19. Be Kind to Animals and plants
20. Find security in insecure situations through acceptance.
21. Obey the Laws of Ecology.
22. Understand the importance of boundaries – natural and social.
23. Don’t get nervous about public speaking – audiences are just people.
24. Don’t give a damn what people think of you, except those you love.
25. Release the artist from inside you and express yourself.
26. Love the sea as a surfer, diver, swimmer, boater or just walk beside it.
27. Better to listen to your children than to teach them.
28. Never hesitate to tell someone you love them if you do.
29. Study history so you know where you came from.
30. Read Science Fiction so you may know what to expect.
31. With every problem, ask yourself, will this matter ten years from now?
32. Never get angry – it does not solve anything.
33. Dealing with Facebook trolls: ignore, ban and delete. Never respond.
34. Be at home wherever you are.
35. Remember you are an Earthling first. We all have that in common.
36. Look up whenever you can and wonder at the stars.
37. Believe what you will but don’t force your beliefs on others.
38. Remember these virtues: Passion, Patience, Imagination and Courage.
39. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.
40. Listen to the music you like and not what you think people expect you to like.
41. Dress any way you wish and not how others expect you to dress.
42. Never judge how others dress, speak, look or behave.
43. When you see a person who needs help, ask yourself, “what if that were me?”
44. Believe in yourself. You are as strong as you believe you are.
45. Never be afraid to ask and never be discouraged by the word “no.”
46. A passionate volunteer is more valuable than a paid professional.
47. Grow your own dinner some time – it makes you appreciate your food.
48. Perfect freedom is the defeat of addictive habits and low self-esteem.
49. Each day stop and meditate on the miracle that is your life.
50. The perfect job is something you would do every day of the week for the rest of your life without pay and without retiring.




Did you know chickens see both ultraviolet and infrared light waves? 

The reason chickens are bright-eyed and fluffy-tailed early in the morning is because they see the sun rise before we do…they’re seeing the infrared light waves of the sun long before our eyes notice it.

Cool, huh?



"Being vegan won’t stop animals dying completely, as long as humans are on this earth animals are going to die"

Homeless person wants some change? Sorry buddy, but giving you $1 won’t end homelessness, so why should I bother?????

Recycling? Why fucking bother, one person recycling won’t end the environmental devastation we are inflicting upon this world, so why the FUCK should I bother??

WE can’t do EVERYTHING so OBVIOUSLY we should do NOTHING.

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Mercy For Animals investigator documented workers at a Maple Leaf chicken hatchery throwing baby chicks by their fragile wings, slamming them into metal dividers, sending them through an industrial washing machine to be scalded and drowned, and violently cramming them into macerators to be ground up alive.

This is just a small display of the systematic cruelties in animal agribusiness. Please consider helping these defenseless birds by taking them off your plate.

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